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Advance Number Pickup and Last Minute Registration – Saturday August 6th 2022


Pre-registered runners can stop by at the JackRabbit Running Store in Newburyport to pick up their shirts and numbers on Saturday, August 6th 2022 between 12 PM and 3 PM. This will also be the last chance for runners to sign up for the pre-registration price of $30. Race day registration will be $35 for adults 18+ (still $25 for youth on race day).


JackRabbit Running Store is offering a 20% discount to all of the participating runners who can show proof of registration (i.e. race number) at the time of the purchase. This discount will be applicable to all full price footwear, nutrition, apparel, and accessories (excluding electronics). 


Day-Of Number Pickup and Registration – Sunday August 7th 2022 7:30-8:30AM

There will be snacks and beverages at the finish line and beer tickets for a free beer and post race viewing party at the Winner's Circle Sports Bar post race!


Day-of registration and number pickup will be held at the Atkinson Common in Newburyport, MA from 7:30 AM until 9:00 AM. Race Day registration will be $35 for adults 18+ ($25 for youth). Please arrive early for registration or number pickup no matter what heat you are in, as there is usually a substantial last-minute line. A good alternative is to pick up your number on Saturday (see above) so you can show up Sunday ready to warm up and race – no lines necessary!​

Adult heats limited to 200 runners; multiple heats will run if necessary

Youth heat limited to 500 runners 


Projected Heat Start Times 


Be prepared to run 15 minutes prior to these estimated Start Times. Heats have been edited to streamline the start line.





Results will be posted on iResults Live. See past results here:

  1. Elite Heat: 9:00 AM: This heat is open to females with anticipated finish time of less than 6 min and males with estimated finish time of less than 5 min. 

  2. Women and Men: 9:10 AM

  3. Children: 9:20 AM

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